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The Recipe: A practical guide to scholarly activity 

05-03-2019 12:58

One of the barriers to scholarly activity is knowing how to get started. This guidebook has simple, easy-to-read chapters to help learners of all levels new to scholarly activity get started, with chapters on everything from how to write a case report to how to write an IRB proposal. It is not (nor intended to be) a comprehensive treatise, but rather a guide to help busy people get from where they are to submission and publication as quickly as possible. The Recipe is public domain - you are free to download it, print it, or use it however you like.

Author(s):Anna Rutherford, Robert Lennon, Dean Seehusen, Kristian Sanchack, Jeffrey Quinlan, Job Larson, Dustin Smith, Chad Asplund, Mark Stephens, Kyle Hoedebecke, Andrew McDermott
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