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Journal Club activity: What Should A1C Target Be for Type II Diabetics? 

02-14-2019 17:19

Hi folks,

In journal club, sometimes rather than evaluating a single article, we evaluate a question.  In this activity, we evaluate the evidence from RCT's which answer the question about whether we should pursue good versus perfect glycemic control.  There are 4 RCT's on the topic.  After an intro to the topic, I break the audience up into 4 groups and give them 15 minutes to find a few basic aspects of each RCT.  Then each group has 5 minutes to report.  I have a cheat-sheet of the findings which I then give at the end.  Finally I close with the ACP 2018 guideline which reviews the same 4 RCT's and comes to the same conclusion, that tight control of sugar does not improve outcomes while it does incur harms.

Feel free to share, give feedback, and improve the materials.

-- Josh Steinberg

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