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Launching a Longitudinal Curriculum - Coordinator Survival Guide 

02-01-2019 15:17

In March 2016, the School of Medicine at UNC-Chapel Hill implemented a new curriculum across all four years of medical education. Third year outpatient internal medicine, family medicine, and pediatrics combined to become one sixteen week integrated course. Launching the integrated course required significant work from various team members, but the coordinator played a huge role in turning course goals developed by the course directors into a functional and manageable four-month course that met those goals.

The purpose of this session is to share and discuss coordinator-specific challenges faced during this curriculum launch, how we tackled them over the past three years, and to identify which lessons learned can be applied to your own institutions. Our top coordinator challenges included preceptor recruitment, communication with a larger pool of departments, orienting preceptors and students to the new structure, and managing the curriculum over a much longer period of time. During the session, we will share and discuss our most effective coordinator-specific strategies for launching and managing a longitudinal curriculum.

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PPT covers coordinator-specific challenges to launching a longitudinal curriculum and best practices for overcoming those challenges.