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Abortion Training and Access Collaborative
Abortion Training and Access Collaborative

Addictions Collaborative
Promoting addiction treatment education in family medicine residencies, as well as prevention, & treatment of substance use disorders in model units.
Matt Martin, PhD, chair

Valerie Carrejo, MD

Adolescent Health and Wellness Collaborative
Developing a national presence of family physicians with adolescent health expertise and sharing best practices/resources for adolescent health education.
Dellyse Bright MD, Chair

Care of Infants and Children Collaborative
Promoting idea exchange/collaboration on child health training in family medicine clerkships & residencies by faculty, residents, & students.
Caitlin D'Agata, MD, Cochair
Aimee Eden, PhD, MPH, Cochair

Ethics and Humanities Collaborative
Sharing resources and fostering collaboration around ethics and humanities research, teaching, and clinical work.
David Satin, MD, Cochair
Hugh Silk, MD, MPH, Cochair

Evidence Based Medicine Collaborative
Developing and disseminating materials for obtaining skills to practice and teach evidence-based medicine.
Thomas Hilts, DO, Cochair
Julia Shaver, MD,  Cochair

Faculty Development Collaborative
Identifying existing resources from established faculty development efforts and sharing them throughout family medicine in an efficient manner as well.
Thomas Koonce, MD, MPH, Chair
Monica Demasi, MD, Chair Elect

Family and Behavioral Health Collaborative
Serving as a forum for the discussion, collaboration, and communication on issues relevant to family systems and behavioral health within family medicine.
Molly Clark, PhD, Cochair
Thomas Bishop, PsyD, Cochair
Katherine Fortenberry PhD, Cochair

Family Centered Maternity Care Collaborative
Keeping family medicine invested in maternity care, standardizing procedural assessment forms, and creating a toolkit for new residency & fellow graduates.
Sara Shields, MD, MS, Cochair
Jessi Goldstein, MD, Cochair

Global Health Educators Collaborative
Promoting understanding and teaching of family medicine throughout the world and strengthening collaborations to advance global development
Olga Valdman, MD, Cochair

Esther Johnston, MD Cochair

HIV and Viral Hepatitis Collaborative
Promote teaching of HIV & Viral Hepatitis curricula in family medicine residencies, AOCs & fellowships
Philip Bolduc, MD, Cochair
Chris Bositis, MD, Cochair

Hospital Medicine and Procedural Training Collaborative
Improving patient care by defining and promoting the provision of procedural and hospital care by family physicians
David Goldstein, MD, Cochair
Patrick Sweet, MD, Cochair

Interprofessional Educators in Family Medicine Collaborative
Supporting all professions who teach/precept interprofessional teams & championing interprofessional education & team-based care in clinical FM
David Pole, PhD, MPH, Cochair
Anne Walsh, PAC, MMSC, Cochair

LGBT Health Collaborative
Increasing awareness, comfort, knowledge, and skills among family medicine faculty & related educators regarding health issues impacting LGBT people
Shanin Gross, DO, Cochair
Ronni Hayon, MD, Cochair

Medical Education Best Practices Collaborative
Reviewing, evaluating, & disseminating scientific research about education interventions and promoting best-practices research in FM education.
George Bergus, MD MAEd, Cochair
Kristen Bene, PhD, Cochair

Medical Student Education Collaborative (FM-PDN)
Encouraging and supporting medical student education faculty and leaders. Also houses the vibrant discussions of the previous FM-PDN listserve.
Tomoko Sairenji, MD, MS; Chair

Minority and Multicultural Health Collaborative
Increasing the number of URM faculty, including those with leadership positions in academic family medicine and the number of URM FM students/residents 
Joedricka Brown-Speights, MD, Cochair
Judy Washington, MD, Cochair

MSE Academic Coordinators and Administrators Collaborative
Planning of the coordinators track & facilitating better communication and organization of the Collaborative's activities at the MSE Conference
Barbara Brooks, Cochair
Joyce Jeardeau, Cochair

New Faculty in Family Medicine Collaborative
Providing support and mentoring for new faculty members
Joanne Dannenhoffer, MD, Cochair 
Maria Colon-Gonzalez, MD, Cochair
Kyle Fletke, MD, Cochair

Nutrition Education Collaborative
Promoting, developing, and disseminating medical nutrition education, with incorporation of innovative teaching, research and mentoring. 
Naomi Parrella, MD, Chair

Oral Health Collaborative
Oral health education and promotion for family medicine residents and medical students.
Stephanie Gill, MPH, MD, Chair

Persons and Physicians With Disabilities Collaborative

Improving the health care of persons with disabilities by developing educational materials for health care providers, providing advocacy at all levels of government, doing research; and creating medical centers of excellence that are accessible, provide needed accommodations, and support for persons with disabilities and their caregivers, and increasing the number of physicians with disabilities by providing support for current medical students, residents, and practicing physicians with disabilities and increasing the number of students with disabilities accepted by US medical schools

Pharmacist Faculty Collaborative
Provide support and networking for pharmacist faculty and residents practicing in family medicine and resources on pharmacotherapy curricula to family medicine residency programs

Stephanie L. Ballard, PharmD, BCPS 

Primary Care and Public Health Integration Collaborative
Embracing the vision of a future health care system where primary care clinicians and public health professionals work together in new, collaborative ways.

Leslie Ruffalo, PhD, Cochair
Thomas Kim, MD, MPH, Cochar

Rural Health Collaborative
Promoting research on rural family medicine education.
Cinthia Elkins, MD, PhD,  Cochair
Kimberly Stutzman, MD, Cochair

Women in Family Medicine Collaborative
A network of women in the academic family medicine that advocate for equity, & address matters that pertain to women as students, teachers, leaders 
Carolyn Pierce, MD,  Cochair
Stephanie Carter-Henry, MD, MS, Cochair



Deans Associated with Family Medicine
Deans Associated with Family Medicine

Group Medical Visits Special Project Team
This interdisciplinary team serves to create a curriculum on how to design, begin, and maintain group medical visits in primary care practices

Health Policy and Advocacy Special Project Team
Working on a CERA proposal surveying program directors on health policy curriculum.

Immunization Education Special Project Team
Working on the Shots Immunizations App for smartphones, tablets, and PCs

Musculoskeletal Education/Sports Medicine Special Project Team
Serves as a resource on sports medicine topics for all STFM members and helps programs integrate a longitudinal experience in sports medicine into residency.

Resident Wellness Special Project Team

Resident Wellness Special Project Team will serve as leaders and advocates for residency wellness training and collaborate with other organizations with similar goals to select, design and disseminate best practices for residency wellness curriculum



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