Clinical Pharmacist Scope of Practice

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The aims of this paper are to provide an overview of how CDTM legislation has advanced during the past decade; its role in enabling the provision of CMM, the standard for direct patient care provided by clinical pharmacists; the potential impact of new models of care on CDTM and CMM; and the implications of the foregoing for future clinical pharmacist participation in patient-centered health care. (

This document sets forth ACCP's expectations for clinical pharmacists within the United States. (

This document was developed by the ACCP Task Force on Ambulatory Practice to assist clinical pharmacy practitioners and administrators in the development of business-practice models for new and existing clinical pharmacy services in ambulatory settings. Ambulatory Care Pharmacist's Survival Guide, Fourth Edition (

Comprehensive resource that offers practical assistance to both new and seasoned clinicians. (

One-page document summarizing the scope of practice of clinical pharmacists. (