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5 months ago

PowerPoint presentation of comparison between 2013 and 2019 data from the CERA program directors survey regarding OB practice in family medicine residencies.

8 months ago

This resource is a compilation of materials from a student-led improvement science curriculum adapted to be delivered virtually during COVID-19 to first-year medical students in a longitudinal ...

one year ago

Presentation Powerpoint

2 years ago

Assessing Resident
Confidence in
Screening and
Intervening with
Patients’ ACE Scores

Background of Original ACE Study
● Department of Preventive Medicine, Kaiser Permanente ...

2 years ago

Recognizing the prevalence of health risk behaviors in the adolescent population and the reported inconsistency of high school health education, medical students at the University of ...

3 years ago

Chronic disease is a major public health problem in the United States. Limited studies have examined the burden of chronic conditions among patients visiting free clinics. In this study ...

10 days ago

Conference poster

14 days ago

Accompanying material for Brief Report submission under the same title.

17 days ago

This presentation was a Keynote speech at the 2020 Forum on Behavioral Science.  The presentation was discussion based, and described how to approach the topic of racism in medical ...

19 days ago

A clinically integrated network (CIN) of safety net clinics that are teaching sites for medical and other health professions was developed to create a platform student and resident ...