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Resident-led Milestones: Creating Self-directed Learners 

04-30-2019 17:20

Residents at the University of Utah FMR lead their own processes of self-assessment using data and present it to the clinical competency committee. Empowering coaching can occur around their learning processes both in adviser meetings to prepare them for their milestones presentation, and during their milestones meeting. Residents can also write their own ILPs with coaching from the whole faculty team. Focus group research and objective measures of resident success suggest residents feel safe and supported in this process and learn important leadership skills by leading their own milestones assessments. Faculty feel that residents are in an appropriately empowered position when their performance is discussed, which may be what helps residents feel safe.

Author(s):Susan Cochella, MD, MPH; Katie Fortenberry, PhD; Kirsten Stoesser, MD; Sonja VanHala, MD, MPH; Kara Frame, MD; Sherilyn DeStefano, MD
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Describes simple safe process by which residents at the U of Utah lead their own milestones assessment, CCC meetings, and write their own ILPs with faculty support and rich data. Includes outcomes from focus group research with residents and faculty showing positive safe culture and learning environment, leadership skill development through the process, and general educational progress.