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Professional Development Workshop: Applying the Race and Culture Guide to Reduce Bias in Medical Teaching Cases 

02-20-2023 17:42

This interactive and action-focused workshop was created to increase participant confidence in identifying bias in medical teaching cases. This workshop can be tailored for multiple medical education or health professions audiences and is highly modifiable. Participants are asked to complete a short reading before attending. During the workshop, participants are introduced social and structural determinants of health as well as the concept of structural competency. In breakout groups, participants apply concepts by editing sample teaching cases. Following case review, all small groups reconvene and share highlights from their discussion. The following materials include the workshop PowerPoint as well as necessary participant and facilitator materials needed for breakout groups. Additionally, there are participant and facilitator surveys included for interval workshop improvement. 

Author(s):Ryan Vagedes, DO; Berkeley Franz, PhD; Anna Kerr, PhD; Frances Wymbs, PhD; Chynna Smith, DO; Alicia Rodgers, DO, MS; Samantha Nandyal, DO; David Strawhun, DO, MEd; Katy Kropf, DO; Sharon Casapulla, EdD, MPH
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