How to Form a Collaborative or Special Project Team

STFM members who would like to actively collaborate around a specific topic, may submit requests to form a Special Project Team or an STFM Collaborative. Please review the requirements below of each type before submitting your request to Traci Brazelton at

STFM Collaboratives

A STFM Collaborative is a collection of at least 30 members interested in a particular topic with plans to communicate and work to projects or activities throughout the year. There is an expectation of consistent communication to group members as well as submission of annual goals to the STFM Board.

Requirements to be a Collaborative:

  • Proven activity around the topic within the STFM Member Forum on STFM CONNECT or other formal measurable collaboration activities
  • Recommend a membership of least 30 members. It is understood that new collaboratives may need up to a 12-month period to reach this minimum.
  • Use an approved established governance model. The goal is to create a governance structure that offers continuity, provides an orientation, and effectively transitions its leaders.
  • Must work on projects/activities throughout the year. Examples include conference submissions, advocacy activities, CERA proposals, curriculum projects, or program innovations. Not all collaborative projects must align with STFM strategic priorities, but the more resources used by the community, the higher the expectation is that the project align with the Society’s priorities.
  • Must consistently communicate to all collaborative members, at least every 3 months
  • Submit annual goals to the STFM Board (summer)
  • Submit a yearly collaborative report to the STFM Board (first of the year)
  • Require approval by the STFM Board

Benefits of being an STFM Collaborative:

  • Space for a collaborative meeting at any/all of the STFM conferences
  • Collaboration space (public or private), including the options of a discussion forum and document sharing
  • Opportunity to receive up to $500 per year for appropriate activities of the community
  • May apply for an STFM Project Fund
  • Training for collaborative leadership
  • Staff support
  • Board liaison support 

To apply to be a STFM Collaborative, send an email to Traci Brazelton at with the following information.

  1. Name of Proposed Collaborative
  2. Name of Chair
  3. Email of Chair
  4. What type of Governance model will you use? 
    1. Rotating Chairs (past, present, future)
    2. Steering Committee
    3. Other (please specify)
  5. Provide your leadership team and their leadership terms
  6. What are the collaborative’s initial goals?
  7. What projects will you be working on in your first year?

 Once processed, your STFM Collaborative application will be presented to the Board of Directors for consideration.

Special Project Team

STFM Special Project Teams are more fluid and will exist for the time frame of a particular project. These teams will sunset when the project is completed. Special Project Teams allow individuals to work jointly on a project, ie, a curriculum, but do not create the expectation that this team will have a governance structure or regularly engage a broad group of members. 

Requirements to be a Special Project Team:

  • Identify a discrete collaborative project/activity; can be long-term
  • Identify a team chair
  • Submit a written proposal to STFM summarizing work to be done and the duration of the project
  • Provide an annual report to the STFM Board (first of the year)

Benefits of being a Special Project Team:

  • Collaboration space (public or private), including a discussion forum and document sharing
  • Special Project Teams that grow and have sustained leadership and interest can evolve into an STFM Community.
  • May apply for an STFM Project Fund 

To set up a Special Project Team

Send an email to Traci Brazelton at  with the following information:

  1. Name of Team Chair
  2. Team Chair’s Email
  3. What your teams project?
  4. How long is the project expected to last?
  5. Is this a closed team or would you like other STFM Members to be able to join?